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"When I grow up I wanna be _____________."

Go ahead—fill in the blank. What was it you wanted to be?

Fast forward to today. Now let's try this on:

"What I really want is _____________."

What do you really want?  

I'm tired of hearing about how tough the times are—about how the economy has kept everyday Americans from realizing or taking a shot at their dream—how the economy has put the American dream in danger. NEWSFLASH: The American dream has always been in danger. And always will be. It just depends on how dangerous the times are—economic or otherwise. Plenty of people have amassed influence, wealth and fame during the most difficult times in our country's history. That's one of our unique characteristics. Here, you can get what you want, when you want it. The times have nothing to do with the American dream. Only to do with what you want and what you’re willing to do during the "times" you’re here. 

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--Ed Sprague

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"The Z Factor, a must read for the entrepreneur and established businessperson alike.  Ed Sprague’s no-nonsense approach to achieving success will afford you with the courage and insight necessary to turn your aspirations into action and your ideas into assets.  Learn from a man who’s been in the trenches."

 Douglas Wm. Massinger, U.S. Patent Attorney


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