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Why get in shape? 

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A Post About Nothing

My friend Chris recently told me that he missed reading my weekly blog posts—told me that it was something he enjoyed.

When I told him why I wasn’t “blogging” as of late…well, he understood.

I told him, “I haven’t had much to say lately.”

I think you need to have something to say—when you’re saying something. Don’t you? Otherwise you’re talking about nothing. And unless you’re Jerry Seinfeld, people will tune you out. You might as well be a low-talker or a close-talker. 

I had been posting once a week, usually on Fridays. I don’t know why Fridays…but, Fridays. And, once a week because it seemed fairly often, but not too often.

But to be honest, once a week is taxing. I find it challenging…writing, blogging … whatever you want to call it.

You see, I don’t have the content or the compulsion some have to fill a never ending social media void with volumes of detailed, mind expanding content.  

I’m perfectly content with offering imperfect content—in very limited amounts.  

But you’d think a guy who writes books would want to—or at least find it easy to post a few paragraphs every week—it’s not. Writing isn’t one of those things that come naturally to me. In fact, if I hadn’t become an author, no one would care if I ever posted a blog—and truthfully speaking, the overwhelming majority of people don’t—obviously.

That’s the truth—whether I like it or not.

…You gotta be honest with yourself.   

And honestly, it takes time—writing and posting.

Not just for me, but for the both of us—me and you.

First, I gotta write down whatever it is I want to say—whatever I think is worth reading. Then, for you to find out if it was actually worth reading, you actually gotta take the time to read it. And, if you determine it wasn’t (worth reading)…then, it probably wasn’t worth writing either.

But that’s exactly what’ll happen if I write something, say something, when I don’t have anything to say.

I don’t write for exercise any more than you read for exercise.

I exercise to exercise—and that takes time too.

Everything takes time. Valuable time. Nonrefundable time. Time you will never get back.

That’s why when I have nothing to say, I say nothing. I write nothing. It’s good time management. Not to mention, polite.

So I’ll stick with this idea—I’ll say something only when I have something to say. …Except for this one time here … where I’m taking time to say nothing.

And, because I’m posting it and not actually saying it, you don’t run the risk of me being a close-talker or low-talker and find yourself wearing a puffy pirate shirt to work someday—you Seinfeld fans know what I’m talking about.  




For the love of God…GET UP.

When you’re on a crowded train and a lady is standing. GET UP!

When your mother, wife, aunt or uncle walks into the room. GET UP!

If you’re overeating. GET UP!

If you’re unfit. GET UP!

If you’re feeling down. GET UP!

If you’ve been knocked down. GET UP!

It occurred to me while riding a crowded train into the city with my wife and son that if ALL men would GET UP for any lady who isn’t sitting…we’d be on the right track to restoring some of America’s GET UP.

I mean after all, its lacking…isn’t it? In all sorts of ways.

A simple idea like giving up your seat to a lady during your morning commute just might change the way you feel and think about yourself—at least for the time being. And it gives that woman a pretty good indication of just what you think of her, a stranger—at that moment—when it matters.

GET UP, it speaks volumes about you.

And don’t give me a lady doesn’t need a man to give up his seat crap…that it’s sexist. It’s not. It’s a gentleman’s gesture. One that has the potential to snowball throughout the day, week, months and years. For you, whoever you GOT UP for and…for whoever witnessed it.  

Get up. It’s what missing today. Good old-fashioned American manners.

Don’t hide behind your newspaper, Kindle, smartphone or lazy napping eyelids. That woman standing is someone’s wife, mother, sister or aunt. Your wife, your sister…your aunt. Be the example of GET UP we’re lacking today.

 May sound like I’m reaching, but years ago—when it was expected, when it was commonplace—when men GOT UP, there was a lot more GET UP.

Whether you want to lose weight, get fit, earn respect…whatever, it starts with a bit of Get Up.

So for the love of God, GET UP…it’s a sign of self-respect.


Get Your Idea To Market

For those of you who want to get an idea to market.

This guy gets it. He had an idea, executed and positioned himself fairly. Then, when he was offered what he was looking for...he took it.

Love his story.





-- Abraham Lincoln


…An idea for all ages. An idea, that if abandoned has consequences.  

Like it or not, Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal, management or hourly, union or non-union, indian or chief; if your idea is to kick the can down the road … then it’s a good idea your can gets kicked down the road.

Like it or not, sooner or later, for better or worse, this is how things work.

Hell, my kids know this. Get it done today or miss out tomorrow.

So don’t whine about losing your job tomorrow if you don’t take care of business today.

It’s the way things are supposed to work.

Take control of the challenges of today or face the challenge of being gone tomorrow—PERIOD   


Ballzee Woman 

Check out this link--copy and paste into your browser. This woman has the right idea.