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If you’re willing to take fault … then you’re allowed to take credit.

We all have a friend, acquaintance or know of someone who is willing to take credit for things but more than a little shy when it comes to taking blame.

How do I know?

Well, no one seems to be taking blame for the way some things are going here in the good ole’ US of A—and God knows someone or … some ones are to blame.

But they’re hard to find because they’re hiding behind what they’ve done right—no matter how much or how little.

… What do you say we grade the President and elected politicians on their decisions?

Like a test.

You know, where you get credit for what’s right and … fault for what’s wrong—like my sons’ math and reading tests. My kids can’t come home with a 40 on a math test and celebrate the 4 out of 10 questions they got right. School is not baseball. And what’s going on in this country isn’t a game.


The wool covers are being pulled over a nation’s eyes. The people in charge are woefully wrong and hiding under the cover of what little has been done right.  

Our country isn’t great because of who is leading us … we are great because we choose who leads us.

And when our choice only takes credit and rarely finds fault in their decisions, it is our fault when things aren’t going right. 

This is the greatest country in the world; Americans can take credit for that. If it falls apart, Americans are at fault. 

So, if who you voted for is taking credit and celebrating the 4 out of 10 decisions they made right and not taking fault for the 6 they got wrong, then, well … you can take the credit or fault for where we are as a nation today.

However, the great thing with fault is that you can admit to it, apologize for it and figure out a way to fix it.

Then, if things go right … by all means, take credit.

That goes for both the electorate and the elected.

Everything is your fault—good and bad.

Go USA—Get Ballzee!

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