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Have you ever noticed how some people use email and texting to handle difficult situations?

I have had people ‘say’ things to me in emails they would never consider saying face to face.

Who hasn’t experienced this in our age of communication? Or should I say in our age of miscommunication, too much communication, inconsequential communication, ignorant communication, insensitive communication … 

We’re so efficiently inefficient with communications that what use to require a minimal amount of time now dominates our day.

Before we texted, sent emails or shook someone’s social tree, we were pretty damn efficient with communications. We talked when we needed to. We talked in person or by phone about the things we both wanted or needed to discuss.

And when we had nothing to say, we said nothing and got on with the business of the day.

… Wasn’t a bad system.

Look, I agree that modern communication has its advantages. But it hasn’t by any means improved the quality of our communications. It’s improved the volume of information.

But volume doesn’t necessarily equate to quality.

Now that people send you everything that’s on their mind; where they are, where they’re going, who they talked to, why they talked to them … I don’t pay attention. I no longer recognize the pertinent communications from the inconsequential communications. Everything from everybody gets blended together in an endless stream of useless text.     

Stop sending information about your latest movement!! You can take that literally and figuratively.

And to top it off, we’re churning out curmudgeons.

An awful lot of people aren’t afraid to let their sharp tongues waggle through blunt keystrokes.

There’s seems to be some kind of security wall that exists somewhere between cyberspace and real space.

Some people will ‘say’ things through email they wouldn’t dream of communicating face to face.

It’s the equivalent of beer balls—except for the fact that drunks with sharp tongues tend to get stroked by blunt objects—they have to face the music when they mouth off.

Not on the computer … or with texting. Shooting your mouth off or being a smart-ass in person takes a bit of nerve … or a few beers.

I have a rule.

If something difficult needs to be discussed I use a phone—or better yet, I go there in person.

There’s nothing like hearing someone’s voice, their inflection, their tone … their anxiety.

Difficult communications require the kind of attention you don’t get from emails or texts.

Get ballsy (Get Ballzee). Pick up the phone, get in your car. Talk.

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