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Political IncorREDSKIN

What made America great was the desire, the will to take hold of the business end of shovels, axes and yes … firearms.

Like it or not, that is the truth.

Now this isn’t an ad for guns … or shovels and axes. It’s an ad for truth—a metaphor.

These tools, among many others in the grip of thick-skinned, calloused American hands built and maintain the freedom, security and lifestyle the world has come here to admire and take part of.  

We’re not a nation of thin-skinned softies—as it appears to some. Nor are we a nation of redskins, whiteskins or blackskins—we’re a nation of allskins.

 It’s just that there are some thin-skinned softies running the show.  

Again, the truth … like it or not.

No, Americans, for the most part are still thick-skinned rough necks—civilized, thick-skinned roughnecks whose hands, callous from the business end of freedoms tools are being worn thin with the tolerant political correctness of thin-skinned folks’ callous disregard for the same tolerance they preach.  

Again, the truth … like it or not.

What else could account for the momentum gathered in absurd controversies like that of the NFL’s Washington REDSKINS name?

It’s offensive—to some—but not most.

How about Yankee?


Should the New York Yankees be concerned? Surely, notwithstanding the complete history of the name, someone must be offended by the term “Yankee.”  Hell, when I was in the south in the 70’s, I was called a “Damn Yankee” … more than once—that’s disparaging, yes?

Should the cry for the ban on The New York “Yankee” name begin? Or should common sense prevail and recognize the full and evolving history of the name.  

I don’t know why the name REDSKINS was picked and not Devils or Angels, both of which can raise an incoherent reason for ban. But you can bet it wasn’t picked because it was offensive or disparaging.

Get over it.

For the love of Redskins, Devils, Angels, Yankees, Buccaneers, Raiders, Patriots and all mascots the world over … STOP—IT’S A MASCOT!

Hey thin-skinners, how’s about Getting Ballzee and stop giving the one’s holding the business end of freedoms tools the business. Don’t put a ban on REDSKINS, put on a callous or two and then put on the TV and … watch the GAME.

After all, it’s a mascot … in a game.  

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