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Are You One of the Thousands of Golfers with a Golf Invention or Idea You Want to See Come to Life...or any Invention for That Matter?

(This discussion post was written for golf networking groups but it is intended to stimulate thought on all catagories of invention, idea and product development.)

I’ve discovered over the years that there are as many golfers with product ideas or interesting teaching contraptions that’ll improve a swing or the game of golf as there are golfers tinkering with a swing that well, if it’s like mine, is nothing short of an interesting contraption.  

“How’d ya sell so damn many of those things?” “How’d ya get it made?” “How’d ya get distribution?” “Do I need a patent?” are among the countless questions I’ve been asked.

I’ve been around the invention, marketing, and product development launch and distribution business long enough to know what it takes to get a product to market…and to be grateful for when one does.

Of course the owner of a good idea can’t help but believe that their idea is as unique as they themselves.  But that’s not always the case. Ideas are not always unique. In fact, if your idea solves a problem there’s a good chance someone is working on a unique solution of their own—right now!

And even if your idea is unique and practical, there’s still no guarantee that’ll it’ll ever find its way to a retail shelf.

What are not unique are the obstacles that amass between the time an idea is hatched and the time it lands on a shelf at Dick’s Sporting Goods, Golf Galaxy or Golfsmith. Or more importantly, the time it lands in the hands of a customer going through checkout at one of these national golf retailers.  

But don’t worry, even if your idea isn’t as unique as you may have hoped, you can still cash in.

Because when it comes to ideas, uniqueness and practicality don’t alone put money in the bank.

 Execution does that.

Knowing and executing on the steps that take an idea through the invention continuum are what put money in the bank—not the idea, its practicality or uniqueness.  And in the invention game, hackers, scratch players and pros all have to play the game from the same tee. We all have to navigate the course and execute good shots.  

Ultimately, navigating and executing the stages of invention are what put practical ideas in consumers’ hands and impractical pet-rock-like products on the map.

And God knows there are countless uniquely impractical products in golf that have outsold many of the more practical ideas…including and quite possibly one of my own! (Full disclosure; my very own golf invention wasn’t necessarily unique and I was told by the “big boys” in golf that it wasn’t necessarily all that practical either, but I’ve sold millions of them.)

So for the sake of discussion let’s put practicality and uniqueness aside for the moment and instead allow me to take a shot at helping you golf-invention hackers become pros and possibly make some green with your ideas with this discussion post.

Fire away!

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