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Isn’t it astounding that Massachusetts senate had to rush a bill through legislature to ban the practice of taking ‘upskirt’ photos.

 More astounding is the fact that the state’s lower court had already ruled that taking photos, or for that matter cell phone video … up the skirts of female passengers riding the Boston subway didn’t violate law.


A law needed to be passed to keep lunatics from taking photos up the skirts of women?

Sweet Mother of Mercy!!

Have we really gotten to the point where this is a headline … a national story?

Headline shouldn’t read, ‘Massachusetts Outlaws 'Upskirt' Photos After Court Ruling.’

Headline should read, ‘Ballsy Massachusetts Subway Passengers Pummel ‘Upskirt’ Photographer Half to Death.’

Have we gotten so accustomed to incivility that it requires overturning court rulings and legislative process to let people know this sort of behavior is intolerable?

I’ll bet that if one these nuts thought a gentleman would throttle him half to death if he were to get caught pointing a cell phone up a ladies skirt he’d resort to using his phone for heavy breathing.  

Because believe me, a little gentleman style incivility would solve a lot of creepy style incivility.  

You with me?

All aboard!

Next stop, wood shed.

Read story here: Massachusetts Outlaws 'Upskirt' Photos After Court Ruling


Want to sue food companies?

Should the food companies, who by the way are comprised of people, [the same people who may well overeat] be responsible for how much of their product you consume?

Should car manufacturers build cars that can only go, let’s say, 35 MPH. I mean after all, we could exceed a safe speed.

How about apparel manufacturers? Should they construct clothes only from cotton?

Where does it end?

Who else can we put in the cross hairs other than ourselves?

We don’t need law suits. We need responsible people.

Be responsible for your actions. If you eat too much you’ll gain weight. If you drive too fast you’ll crash. And, if you wear cotton, well, you’ll be comfortable with one hand on the wheel and the other clutching a double cheeseburger when you crash into the guardrail at Mach1.  


See the story about making food companies responsible for weight gain and associated health issues.


Grand Illusion


I like the lyrics to the Styx song, “The Grand Illusion.” These four lines…

So if you think your life is complete confusion

Because your neighbors got it made

Just remember that it’s a grand illusion

And deep inside we’re all the same

were edited out of my book.

My football coach, Mr. Fortunato, was right. Before a big game he would remind us that the kids down at the other end of the field were kids just like us—that they put their pants on just like us. That deep inside we’re all the same.

Whether you’re wealthy, average, powerful or underprivileged, we all put our pants on the same way. What one has or one hasn’t, can be an illusion. No one knows what makes one tick. No one knows if the man in the mansion is any happier or fulfilled than the old woman in a shoe—except for the man or woman in the mirror.

So don’t worry about your neighbors …what they drive, where they eat, what they wear, how much better or worse their kids are at sports, or whether or not they make the honor role. Because no one knows if the man in mansion wouldn’t happily trade all of his wealth for just one of those children in that shoe.

By now you gotta be thinkin’. “Hell, this isn’t what I’m used to hearing from Ed. Ed’s either barking out the gospel of self-reliance or asking if we want cheese on that and then pointing us to the beer. Where did this ‘snatch the pebble from my hand’ stuff come from?”

I don’t know! I’m just as concerned as you!

But consider those four lines the next time you look at a friend or neighbor who you think has it made. Because the mere fact that you think they got it made—is the illusion—an illusion only you can create. You see, they may well be looking back at you thinking, YOU GOT IT MADE!  


Gone To Pot

Are you smokin’ dope?

That used to be my rhetorical “go to” comment when someone was doing something stupid.

I may need to move it up to, “Are you shootin’ heroin?” 

Sweet Mother of Mary Jane—am I high or am I in the bizzaro world.

How’d we get here? Who lifted their bloodshot eyes up from over the bong and convinced an entire state—check—states, to legalize recreational pot. Is there some hashish-smokin’-semi-comatose hypnotist placing our nation into some sort of trance? Or is this the work of some snack-food sales and marketing munchies genius?   

Talk about bizarro.  New York’s Bloomberg was trying to ban large sodas while pot was being legalized.  

“Wait, wait, I got an idea, lets ban soda-pop and legalize pot.” Can you imagine suggesting such an idea? Your mother, no matter what your age would slap you in the back of the head with a wooden spoon … then forbid you from speaking—indefinitely.

I don’t care if you enjoyed smokin’ a doobie when you were back in college. Hell, I don’t care if you like to roll one now. But if you have kids, you might be a little bit more than just a bit concerned about legalized pot.

I am.

Argue all you want, like it or not pot is a gateway drug that’ll lead somebody’s kid to a life of hell—a lot of somebody’s kids.  

What one generation tolerates the next will embrace. And, in today’s world of news and information traveling at the pace of light the trivialization has begun.

ESPN … yes, ESPN ran a story with just a snippet about a pot growers lethal strain of cannabis sporting the name “Beast Mode” in tribute to Super Bowl bound Marshawn Lynch’s nickname. A bite which if presented somewhere other than in front of my 11 and 13 year-old boys might be no big deal. But that’s where this seemingly “harmless entertainment” winds up—on TV, in video, on mobile devices, and in chats before impressionable kids—where it’s more than harmless. That’s how it goes these days—light speed. What we tolerate we trivialize, and then embrace—or in this case smoke.  

Coming soon to friend of your kid’s living room, “What? It’s legal. The kids can stay.” 

There are a lot things in the world that are legal and aren’t good for my boys. And, as much as I’d like to, I can’t control all of them. However, as parents it’s our obligation to put in place an environment that at the very minimum gives our children a sense that the adults at the helm appear to be competent. Appear to be thoughtful and considerate of their health and welfare. After all, our actions and decisions shape our kids perceptions. I don’t want my kids to think it’s okay, or I’m okay with smoking pot or banning soda—regardless of whether either are law.

How is it that my kids can watch an ESPN segment where the commentator humors over pot with the same vein of complacency as the mayor of the most renowned city on the planet talks about banning soda?

Who the hell is steering this nation? I got kids!!



Doing what I do exposes me to a lot of motivational jargon. I hear a lot of people quoting a lot of meaningless stuff—I only say meaningless because for the most part, those who are tossing the motivational nuggets around aren’t living what they’re quoting. They’re typically advising someone from the bleachers. “You know,” they’ll say when talking with a friend who might be struggling to realize what may seem like the impossible dream, “...Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Nice. But there is a hell of a lot more to it from that point on. People who toss out these nuggets should chew on them before they spit ‘em out. Because words like these should have teeth. They should come from people who have chewed on the idea, tasted, and digested it. Otherwise they lose they’re punch. They become less believable. Choose your words carefully when it comes to advice. If you haven’t tasted the pie don’t recommend it. Even Buddha’s famous quote, “The mind is everything. What you think you become,” carries a lot more weight coming from someone who has actually DONE what they thought they could become.  

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