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The Z Factor


“When I grow up I wanna be a musician,

an NFL quarterback, a CEO, a....”

How’s that childhood dream working out?

Most of us learn to discard our “outlandish” childhood dreams as we mature. It’s part of growing up, right?

NO. You can still sell millions of your idea, be a company president, an author, or sign an NFL contract—anything, anytime, regardless of your experience or education. Edwin J. Sprague has…in fact, he’s done them all!

Unlike the abstractions of the Law of Attraction, The Z Factor is anything but elusive or indescribable.

“Z” is the extraordinary effort ordinary people can generate that produces quantitative and dream-fulfilling results.

Is it time to finally be what you dreamt you’d be when you grew up? If so, it’s time to harness the absolute power of Z. No affirmations here—just humorous, motivating, and gritty stories about:

• How to raise your ZQ (ballsy [Ball-Zee] quotient) and get what you want.

• Why “too much” learning can kill your dreams and how Tactical Ignorance keeps them alive.

• How to put your million dollar idea “out on the table” and introduce it to life’s realities. 

• A Perpetual Promotion Machine and the ten tactics that’ll take you to the next level—repeatedly.

• Landing a whale (QVC), Feeding the Tuna Mayo, N.Y. Jets Meat, Professor Backwards, It Ain’t Easy Being Seven at My Age...and much more! 

Read the start of Chapter 6...before the publisher's edit--mistakes and all!!

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